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Spray Booth

  • Paint booths are fire and health protection enclosures.
  • Designed to provide a positive movement of air through the spray area.

Spray Booth – Working

In Spray booth Paint arrester filter Trap overspray & Solid  particles and exhausted solvent fumes by exhaust duct.


  • Safety
  • Quality of finish
  • Work Environment
  • Pollution Regulations

Considerations for selection

  • Space Available
  • Part Dimensions
  • Application Methods
  • Production Rate
  • Paint Material Sprayed

Basic types

  • Dry back type
  • Water wash /Curtain type

Dry Spray Booth


  • Lower initial cost
  • Simple Construction
  • Lower cost erection
  • No water required
  • No need of water treatment
  • lightweight for loading


  • Frequent filter replacement
  • Filter change – higher cost
  • Filter change – production loss
  • Irregular booth efficiency

Types of Dry Spray Booth

Types of Dry Spray Booth

Types of Water Curtain Booth

Water Curtain Spray Booth


  • Suitable for all types of paints
  • Can cater high production rates
  • No filter change cost
  • Regular booth efficiency
  • As per the regulatory authorities this is the highest standard design.


  • Requirement of chemicals to treat paint sludge
  • Constant water circulation required
  • May need modifications in floor
  • Initial cost high
  • Disposal of sludge is a problem

Understand Coatings

  • Glossy Finish – Only Resin and Pigment
  • Matt Finish – Resin with Matting agent ( 4-6 %)
  • Sealer – Resin with filler powder ( 15 to 28%)
  • Wood Stain – Solvent Thinner with Dyes ( 5 %)
  • When spraying of sealer in down drought spray booth, floor filters clogged early because of the filler power in sealer formulation.
  • Metallic paint arrester filer can be separated weekly or frequently for cleaning.

Pressurised Booth

  • Positive pressure will
    restrict dust
  • High quality finish
  • Operator comfort
  • Temperature & humidity control

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