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Training to supervisors & polishers up to production & maintenance of equipments.

This Trainings Program helps achieve the following :

  1. Better understanding of Technology of Paints for your employees.
  2. Better output in terms of Finish Quality.
  3. Reduced Rejection Rate. Salvage of the rejection. Analysis of Root Cause for the Rejections.
  4. Better Transfer Efficiency with proper Operator Trainings hence reduced paint consumption.
  5. Better Understanding of Paint Application Techniques to achieve higher production speeds with better quality and better transfer efficiency.


The wood working Furniture Industry is changing at a very fast rate. Customer demand for the product aesthetics is also changed and customer expects better quality finish and looks.  Along with the finish it is also expected by the customer that the product should give better life in terms of wear, gloss levels etc.

So it becomes mandatory for the manufacturers to produce their furniture items at par with the global quality finish. It is important to learn the methods, new materials and the emerging as well as proven technologies used by the global industry.

Correct finishing process plays the most important role in the quality of finish, productivity, & also the cost of finishing. Selection of correct application method and environment plays important role to achieve these targets.


Layout designing as per space available & as per production requirement.

  • Selection of sanding machines & abrasives as per your requirement of production & wood substrates.
  • Selection of correct coatings as per end use properties of your furniture or wood substrates. Selection of stains & correct staining stage & process.
  • Selection of correct place for paint booth. Selection of type of paint booth,Size of paint booth as per production with reputed suppliers
  • Selection for correct spray equipments, which are environment friendly, having features of material saving, acceptable finish.
  • Correct process of application.


Modifications are necessary to existing plant to improve- finish quality, material handling, improve production rate. Reduce rejection and save labor cost.

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