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Manual Sanding

Sanding Hand Tools -Belt Sander

When smoothing large, flat surfaces, especially really rough ones, nothing beats the high speed and brute strength of a belt sander.

Sanding Hand Tools –Orbital Sander

An orbital finishing sander is lightweight, easy to control with one hand. It’s intended for ultra-smooth wood sanding, rounding over sharp edges, sanding off hardened wood putty, and knocking down dried coats of paint or varnish.

Two spring-loaded clamps hold the sandpaper against the sander’s flat, square pad. The pad vibrates in tiny circles, or orbits, allowing you to sand in any direction.

Random Orbital Sander

The round pad on a random-orbit sander moves in “random orbits,” meaning it vibrates in tiny circles, like an orbital finishing sander, but it also spins in circles. As a result, this single compact tool can be used for both stock removal and ultra-smooth sanding. And because the pad vibrates and spins simultaneously, it all but eliminates swirl that ordinary orbital sanders sometimes leave behind.

Electrical and Air operated hand tools are available with 5- or 6-inch-diameter pad.

Two Types random-orbit sanders available.

  • PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) abrasive
  • Hook-and-loop (a.k.a.: Velcro) discs.

PSA discs are less expensive, but hook-and-loop discs are much faster and easier to change and reuse.

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