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Portable UV Curing hand held Machine

  • Multi-spectrum lamps use high-pressure mercury vapor bulbs that produce light energy in the 300 to 450nm range. UV spot Curing lamps are available with LED hand held machines.
  • Portable UV light curing machines are used for curing of the adhesives, Sealers, UV putty , sealants,  en-capsuling material , dispensing systems etc.. These products are widely used in the lighting, power, defense, consumer products, general industry, medical, and transportation markets.

UV Curing Machines

  • Conveyorised UV curing Machines
    • Conveyor UV Curing Machine consist of a moving belt that passes through a chamber area containing UV lamps mounted above and/or on each side for fast curing of parts.
    • Offering consistent, fast, and safe curing Consistent belt transport speed, adjustable lamp height, as well as stable lamp intensity provide a consistent light-curing process for repeatable process and optimized throughput. 1 UV lamp 2, 3,4,5 6 and more UV lamps machines are available with combinations of Mercury, Gallium or Iron UV lamps as per coating .

2 UV Lamp Curing Machine

3 UV Lamp Curing Machine

5 UV Lamp Curing Machine

Infra Red Tunnel + UV Curing Machine

6 Side UV Curing Machine

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