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Vacuum UV Coatings

Liquid coating is pumped into the base of the application chamber due to the vacuum material flows freely to coat all exposed sides of the job being passed through the unit.


Coating material is transferred on job inside the vacuum chamber.

Any material that has not been transferred and returns to the reservoir for the next application.

Vacuum UV – Applications

  • Furniture mouldings
  • Kitchen cabinet mouldings
  • Architectural mouldings
  • Picture frames
  • Flooring
  • Tools/ handles/ dowels
  • Shutters/ blinds
  • Billiard mouldings
  • Round rods

Vacuum Coater


  • Increased Application Efficiency
  • 100% Transfer Efficiency
  • High Speed- up to 50 M/min
  • Uniform Coating Application
  • Very Low Operating Maintenance
  • Minimal Energy Consumption
  • Lower Capital Investment

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