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Roller Coating Application

Using rollers, lacquers are applied on two-dimensional work-pieces lacquer film thickness applied is determined by means of finely adjustable doctor roller.

A small quantity of lacquer 2 -60 gsm is applied without lacquer wastage.

Using simple machine setting, this technique allows lacquering work to be carried out at high feed speed application, 5 – 15 Meter/ min solvent-free UV lacquering systems.

U V Cure – Roller Coating Application

Roller Coating Application

This machine is used for, stain application, primer UV-sealers and topcoats.

Double Roller Coating Application

Double Roller Coater

The rotating speed on the second application roller can be adjusted slightly faster or more slowly than the first application roller to achieve a flattening effect for a higher quality finish.

Putty Filling Roller Coater

Reverse filling machine – for filling of raw particle boards, MDF or other panel using water-based or UV-curable fillers.

After the roll-coating process, a chromium-plated steel roller rotating in reverse direction presses the filler into the pores of the substrate, creating a smooth effect at the same time.

Roller Coating Application- Stain application

Step 1 –Stain Application by foam Roller.

Step 2 – Stain is spread by brush rollers.

Speed of application can be adjusted as per requirement.

Only water based stain can be applied by this process.

Roller Coating Application- Profile Area

Now with Special silicon soft Roller Profile surfaces with some limitation can be applied.

Roller Coating Application- Profile Area


  • High transfer efficiency
  • Reduce material waste
  • High production rates


  • Limited to flat work
  • Can not coat cavities or hard to reach areas ribs resulting from poor flow coating
  • Fine lines are visible on coating

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