Coatings and Materials

Types of Wood Coatings

  • Solvent Base wood coatings
  • Water Based wood coatings

Wood Coatings

Solvent Based Coatings

Solvent Based Coating 2 K

Water Based Coatings

UV Curable Coatings

Wood Stain

  • Solvent Based Stains
  • Water Based Stains
  • Gel Stains
  • Chemical Based Stains


  • High solid content – to fill grains of wood
  • Ease of application by hand , roller or spray
  • Quick setting
  • Should adhere to wood as well as sealer coat of different coatings.
  • Should not affect by solvents
  • Enhance the beauty not obscure
  • Total solid content – 70-80%
  • Water based & solvent based available


  • Sealer – ease of sanding, greater build for gloss & finishing the finish coat.
  • To reduce the top coat consumption
  • Finish coat lacquer is very hard to sand to apply multiple coats
  • Available in NC, acrylics, melamine, PU & water based PU & emulsions.

Top Coat

General Comparison Chart

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